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Muscle Building Nandrolone Steroid 19-Nortestosterone CAS 434-22-0

Muscle Building Nandrolone Steroid 19-Nortestosterone CAS 434-22-0

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    deca durabolin nandrolone


    deca hormone steroid

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Muscle Building Nandrolone Steroid 19-Nortestosterone CAS 434-22-0

Muscle Building Nandrolone Steroid 19-Nortestosterone CAS 434-22-0


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Nandrolone Base

CAS :434-22-0

Alias:19-Nortesterone, Norandrostenolone , Nortestosterone, Nortestrionate

Molecular formula: C18H26O2

Molecular weight: 274.4

Appearance: White powder

Assay: 99.14%

Delivery time: 5-7 working days/door to door

Minimum order: 10g

Supply ability: 50-310KG/month

Quality standard: USP31/BP2007

It is widely used in various refractory anemia, some disease such as trauma,chronic infection,malnutrition and other wasting diseases.

Nandrolone can be used in medical and sporting fields.



Medical use: nutritional deficiencies and weight abnormal losing of elders. And also for people who have severe burnt and undergone surgery.


Sporting use: promoting growth of muscle, increasing training endurance and training loading.

Nandrolone combined with hormone , especially the mineralocorticoid can increase the risk of edema. When combined with dicoumarol or indandione derivative, should reduce the dose. Because reduce the concentration of coagulation factor precursor by androgen and protein anabolic steroids (due to the synthesis of coagulation factor precursor and decomposition of the charge), the anticoagulant and receptor affinity added.






The Nandro definitely has a short term effect on muscle loading that wears off after a day or so. I think it's a fun compound to use and has it's place in a program. I'll be using it like dbol or drol to kick start cycles.After taking the weekend off of Nandro base I definitely feel and look less full. I will weigh myself today but I bet my weight is back to normal. Its crazy if this stuff can help fill you out within one or two days. Only down side will be if it takes one or two days to loose it again. I'll be running it again either today or soon for another 5 day burst and will see if the same thing happens.


3rd day in. Ive now trained all bodyparts using the nandro base.I'm 4 pounds up in 3 days and look noticeably bigger. A couple people have even mentioned it. This is no doubt intramuscular fluid/glycogen but it still looks good lol. So far I'm thinking this compound is best used for filling back out and possibly pre photoshoot/show/gig. I'd be interested to see what happens when dieting and using it as right now I'm bulking. At the end of this cycle I will go to a low calorie diet for the last couple of weeks and I will experiment with that also.


This has been a very positive experience so far with a new compound. I have not used any caber yet and haven't had any issues.My bodyweight was up two pounds today after just two days but I can tell I'm holding water or carbs. I also feel like my joints have had some slight relief but I'll see if it continues.Day 2: Good pumps and muscle fullness. Shots are easy as pie with an insulin pin. You just have to make sure you are lean enough to get to the muscle with it. No aggression or much immediate strength increase. Possibly a small drop in sex drive but it's too soon to tell. I have some caber if I feel its an issue.


Muscle Building Nandrolone Steroid 19-Nortestosterone CAS 434-22-0 0