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100iu Jintropin HGH 191aa  Human Growth Hormone Supplements

100iu Jintropin HGH 191aa Human Growth Hormone Supplements

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    191aa Human Growth Hormone Supplements


    100iu Human Growth Hormone Supplements


    Gensci Jintropin

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    Gensci Jintropin
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    Original Box
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    2-8 Degree Centigrade Refrigerator
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100iu Jintropin HGH 191aa Human Growth Hormone Supplements

100iu Jintropin HGH 191aa Human Growth Hormone Supplements


Handling and Storage:

Jintropin should be kept cool. This is essential once the product has been reconstituted (i.e. once the liquid and powder have been mixed). When reconstituted, the product must be kept in a fridge at near 5 degrees Celsius. However, Jintropin must not be frozen, and it is recommended to be used within 14 days after reconstitution.


Jintropin can be "damaged" if it is exposed to excess temperatures. Undiluted, freeze-dried HGH powder in sterile vials may be safely stored at a temperature not exceeding 86 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 18 months. It may be safe up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for a day or two before mixing and tolerated without a problem. Once water/diluent is added however, the liquid HGH must be kept refrigerated and used within 4 weeks, or the potency will slowly decline (in case your fridge is not so accurate, we recommend use within 14 days).


(The reason GH is kept in a fridge after it has been mixed is NOT that it rots or spoils, but that after you have mixed it, there might be bacteria in the vial, and growth hormone is a protein, and they eat it! The result is that it would lose potency. So you want to keep it cold to keep bacteria from multiplying too fast, because there would eventually be a loss of potency.)



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