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Boldenone Acetate Bulking Cycle Hormone Steroid Powder CAS 2363-59-9

Boldenone Acetate Bulking Cycle Hormone Steroid Powder CAS 2363-59-9

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    2363-59-9 Hormone Steroid Powder


    Boldenone Acetate Hormone Steroid Powder

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    Boldenone Steroid
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    Indicated As A Sympathicolytic And Mydriatic. It May Have Activity As An Aphrodisiac
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Boldenone Acetate Bulking Cycle Hormone Steroid Powder CAS 2363-59-9

Boldenone Acetate Bulking Cycle Hormone Steroid Powder CAS 2363-59-9


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Boldenone Acetate





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White powder

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To the muscle weight.


Boldenone Steroid



Boldenone Acetate Description:


  • Due to a different ester attached to it, boldenone acetate is popularly called “short acting Equipoise.” In fact, it is a veterinary steroid that is most known for use in horse racing, and it has never been approved for human use. However, boldenone acetate is a somewhat widespread injectable anabolic steroid among bodybuilders.
  •  Like all anabolic steroids, boldenone acetate does have a tendency to cause a rise in red blood cell count, so it is a good idea to run such cyclesupport supplements as N2Guard, as well as give blood before and after cycle to help thin out blood in the body.
  •  Since boldenone acetate has a shorter ester than the undecylenate version, you can shorten the cycle to get faster results without having to wait for weeks. they improved their endurance on this compound, had low side effects, and were able to add some mass and strength in the process.


Boldenone Acetate Cycles:


Boldenone acetate should be run at 300-700 milligrams (mgs) per week with injections done at least every 2-3 days. The minimum recommended cycle duration with boldenone acetate is 6 weeks. Some guys like to stack a little testosterone or trenbolone with it; and the beautiful part of the acetate version is that no kickstart is necessary, so you save on having to use an oral to start things off.


Boldenone Acetate Cook Recipes:


100ml Muscle Building Injections Boldenone Acetate + Benzyl Benzoate + Benzyl Alcohol

100ml @ 100mg/ml

100g Boldenone Acetate powder 80ml

18% Benzyl Benzoate 18ml

2% Benzyl Alcohol 2ml


Boldenone Acetate Bulking Cycle Hormone Steroid Powder CAS 2363-59-9 0

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