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Injectable Strongtropin 100iu HGH

Injectable Strongtropin 100iu HGH

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    HGH Injectable Strongtropin


    100iu Injectable Strongtropin

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    10iu/vial, 10vials/kit, 100iu/kit
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    4-5iu Per Day
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    Hgh Injections Increased Energy
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    Keep Cold At 2-8 In Refrigerator
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Injectable Strongtropin 100iu HGH

Injectable Strongtropin 100iu HGH




Decreased Body Fat
Enhanced Ability to Maintain Proper Body Fat Levels. A Tighter Physique
Enhanced Metabolic RateEnhanced Sense of wellbeingHealthier Skin
lmproved Sleeping Patterns.


lncreased Bone Strength.

lncreased Energy
lncreased Joint Strength
lncreased Lean Tissue Growth
Increased Rate of Physical Recovery.
lncreased Tendon Strength




lMhen reconstuion 1 m strte wste fr injpcton should be niected along the bottle wal. then swirl the vial with gentle rotary motion until the contents arecompletely dissolved, do not shake violently.
TherecommenedboageofSTRONGTROPIN forth treatment ofchildren growth falure is 0.1~0.15U/kg dail subcutaneous administration for 3 months to 3years. Therapy regimen could be modified according to experienced doctors' suggestion.
The recommended dosage of STRONGTROPIN for the treatment of severe burn is 0.2~0.141URkg daily subcutaneous administration for 2weeks.


Some Warm Tips:


Keep 2 ~ 8 ℃ away from light.

Recombinant solution mixed with sterile water for injection is recommended to be stored at 2 ~ 8 ℃ for 48 hours, and do not freeze.


When reconstitution 1 ml sterile water for injection should be injected along the bottle wall, then swirl the vial with gentle rotary motion until the contents are completely dissolved, do not shake violently.

Recommended dosage of ⇒⇒ treatment of children growth failure is 0.1~0.15IU/kg daily  【3month-3 years subcutaneous administration】
Recommended dosage of ⇒⇒ treatment of severe burn is 0.2~0.14IU/kg daily  【2 weekssubcutaneous administration 】 




STRONGTROPIN HGH has anti-counterfeiting number and is the best quality real HGH, 10 IU / bottle, 100 IU / box or 10 vials / box.

STRONGTROPIN 100IU is an injectable human growth hormone of the highest grade. HGH which is naturally produced by the pituitary glad is responsible for many functions in the human body. HGH promotes muscle development while decreasing fat, promoting a favorable body composition It also helps with lowering cholesterol and feelings of well-being.

STRONGTROPIN 100IU is a way to supply natural growth human growth hormone for people who may deficient or may require higher levels of this hormone.

STRONGTROPIN is a sterile, freeze-dried recombinant human growth hormone (hGH) preparation. It contains 191 amino acids, which are derived from engineering Escherichia coli. Its amino acid sequence and three-dimensional structure are the same as natural growth hormone. Strongtropin causes growth failure due to endogenous growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and Turner's disease or kidney failure. Strongtropin can be used to repair surgical wounds or burn wounds, and has good preservation effect on human aging.


Quick Details:


Specification 100IU/kit 10iu/vial 10vials/kit
MOQ 1kit, 100iu
Shipping Method Fedex, DHL, UPS, HKEMS, EMS, EUB
Export market All around the world 
Apperance White Freezed-dried powder
Policy Reshipping Policy
Function Muscle Enhancement
Whatsapp +8618806592208
Purity 99.6%




Fat burning

Sports and fitness

Higher energy

Mood improvement

Brain function enhancement

Superior immune function

Cell protection

Improve cholesterol production

Faster wound healing

Increase libido

Increase bone density


HGH Brands Available :


Hygetropin 200iu
Jintropin 100iu
Strongtropin (Recommend ) 100iu
Gentropin 36iu
Nordictropin 100iu
Riptropin 100iu
Colour Tops ,White Box 100iu





Buy STRONGTROPIN 100IU offers the athlete three performance-enhancing effects:

  1. STRONGTROPIN 100lU has a strong anabolic effect and causes an increased protein synthesis which manifestsitself in a muscular hypertrophy and in a muscular hyperplasia (increase of muscle cells.)The latter is very interesting since this increase cannot be obtained by the intake of steroids. This is probably also the reason whySTRONGTROPIN is called the strongest anabolic hormone.

  2. The second effect of STRONGTROPIN 100lU its pronounced influence on the burning of fat. t turns more body fatinto energy leading to a drastic reduction in fat or allowing the athlete to increase his caloric intake.

  3. Third, and often overlooked, is the fact that STRONGTROPIN 100lu strengthens the connective tissue, tendons,and cartilages which could be one of the main reasons for the significant increase in strength experienced bymany athletes. Several bodybuilders and powerlifters report that through the simultaneous intake with thisproduct protects the athlete from injuries while inereasing his strength.


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