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China Nationla Day

September 23, 2016

Almost all Business' close in China during National Holidays and our Factory's are no different. In addition to this there is a potentional for delays around these periods as a result of packages desperately trying to leave just before start of the Holiday. This page details when you can expect a Holiday, for how long it will last and the possible implication on the delivery times of your package as a result.

However a Holiday around Christmas time may have a 3 day backlog of packages that are not leaving. Please see the Chinese National Holiday schedule below:


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To clarify on the above, during a National Holiday you can expect the following:-


1.) No Orders can be despatched during the duration of the Holiday.

2.) Expect potential delays just before the Holiday and just after due to the increased volume of Packages attempting to leave the Country.

3.) Expect possible minor disruptions of service within Couriers as a Holiday approaches (within a couple of weeks of the Holiday).

4.) Ensure to Order in advance if you are running a Steroid Lab.


It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure they are fully stocked to accomodate their Orders/Competitions etc and of course please bear in mind that it is not possible for us to influence how a package is handled after it is passed to a Courier.